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Two-Year-Old Class


The Turtles 

2 years old by September 30th

The Turtle classroom is where learning how to be a good friend and working together flourish through constructive play. Our friends leave school feeling good about themselves and empowered. Children do not need to be potty trained in this class.

Our day begins with open centers where dramatic play is an important part of the day. Later, we will gather for “Circle Time” and participate in language enrichment activities through song, calendar, shapes, colors, counting, and story time. We end the day with classroom music and movement; then finally, settle down with “Jesus Time”. Our days are full and fun in this stimulating and nurturing environment.

We also expect our friends to start taking some responsibilities. It is important to send a message with our words and actions that we know they are big preschoolers, who are ready for these important tasks. This is big step to establishing a good preschool routine but still in a comfortable and loving environment. These small successes and independence will lead to happy preschool years in the future.

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