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Owls (3 year olds)

Mrs. Sager

Mrs. Stoll

My name is Mary B. Stoll and I have the fun privilege of teaching the Owls Class at Bethany. My goal is that your child will find a cozy, welcoming place to play that is filled with other children who will become their friends. Our room is stocked with toys, books, writing, art, and sensory materials that your child will enjoy. While your child is busy playing with friends and toys we expect to see all kinds of learning happening, too. Most importantly, your child will learn how to be a friend. And your child will learn to be an individual who learning as part of a group. Along the way we learn about sharing, ABC's writing our name, counting, shapes, and all the rest. But at the end of the year, we hope your child will have grown as a confident, happy little person.

One of the reasons I love teaching at Bethany is because I have the opportunity to teach all the typical preschool topics and teach about God, too. Teaching that God loves, cares for, and is always with your child is a joy. With the children we pray before we eat at school, thanking God for providing for us. But as we go through the year I'll be praying for your child and your family, too.

My background and training are in teaching special needs children. For many years I did work as an early intervention teacher with families with young deaf children. I used American Sign Language then, and incorporate it in small ways in our classroom at Bethany.

I live in the area with my husband, who is retired from the Federal Government. We attend church at Bethany and enjoy travel and volunteer opportunities. We work with a program called 'Grate Patrol' which supplies food for homeless people in DC. I also give tours at the Library of Congress. I love reading and talking with friends about the book I just finished reading.

Thanks for bringing your child to our class at Bethany, We anticipate a good year full of fun experiences and friendships.

Mrs. Dirks

Mrs. Paredes

My name is Patricia Paredes, but please call me Ms. Patty. I am the teaching assistant in the Owls Class. I am happy to be a part of the class and to be a part of your child's growing and learning. I love spending time with children and I know the importance of being in an environment where a child will feel happy and comfortable while learning new things. This will be my third year at Bethany--I love working here; the people are like family to me. I sometimes speak Spanish to the children, so they can learn a few Spanish words and phrases. The last two years the kids sang the clean-up song totally in Spanish!

I'm the mother of two kids, Adrian (11) and Fabian (6), and my dog, Bruce. I love to spend time with my children and husband. I love taking my kids to their activities (mostly soccer) and I enjoy cooking and playing with my kids outside.

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