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Ms. Ruthie's Class (3 by Sep 30th)

Ms. Ruthie
Ms. Ruthie Tapp
(click on my picture to learn more about me!)

Hello Bethany Luthern community! My name is Ruthie and I am your new Lead 3s Teacher. Although it’s my first year teaching here at BLPS, I've been an early childhood educator for 17 years! I have a passion for fostering a child’s sense of self as well as supporting their emotional and social development. I am also Director of Family Ministry at a local United Methodist Church.

Other passions of mine include turning over tree stumps to observe bugs, jumping in squishy mud puddles, laughing at a good joke, eating tasty snacks and creating beautiful art. Fun Ruthie fact: I attended preschool at Bethany Luthern when I was a child! I am thrilled to be back as an educator!

Mrs. Aimee

Ms. Aimee Litwiller
(click on my picture to learn more about me!)

Ms. Aimee is very excited to be joining the Bethany Lutheran Preschool community again this year in one of our two 3 year old classrooms, the Owls.  She has more than 18 years of experience working at schools in Alexandria and Fairfax County.  She and her husband have two children in 9th and 6th grades.  Before she started a family, Ms. Aimee performed with several ballet companies and also taught dance to children.  In her spare time she enjoys visiting gardens and art galleries. 

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