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Jr. Pre-K Class (Owls)

Welcome to the Owl Class!

4 years old by December 31st 

This year is a time of great changes and challenges as children begin to view themselves as part of a group and as friends. They are becoming more independent and surprise themselves and adults with what they can do day by day. They are much more social and develop friendships, learning the important lesson of how to be a friend. They need their parents as much as ever, but usually look forward to school and develop attachments to their teachers, making it easier to say goodbye at the door every day.

In the Owls class, we have a daily schedule that emphasizes play, since so much learning and socializing happens there. But we also have Circle Time when we learn about the months, days, counting, and the letters of the alphabet. We also have a daily Story Time, reading books that support learning about our weekly theme.

We learn about God every day, by having a daily Bible Story Time. We try to ensure that these lessons are engaging and meaningful to the children, using props and sometimes acting things out. Once a week we join other classes and learn our Bible Story in the Chapel so we can experience learning in a church setting. (Pastor Andy leads chapel the first week of every month.) We pray before every meal, and we pray for friends who are traveling or out sick. Teachers talk about God when we intervene with children who aren't getting along, encouraging them to love as God teaches us to.

We have snack every morning and eat lunch in the Lunch Room with another class. We have time to stretch our legs, playing outside most days. When we can't go out because of weather, we play inside.

In the Owls Class children learn they are individuals, but not the center of everything. Every day they learn the important lessons of sharing and waiting for their turn. They learn to be friends and care for others. They learn about God's great love for us. And they have fun doing it all. We hope parents are very proud of their children at the end of the year.

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