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Four-Year-Old Classes (Giraffes & Foxes)

Giraffe class

Welcome to the Giraffe class!

*A class blooming with Giraffe illustrators and authors*

The Giraffe Class is a Pre-K 4-year-old class. In our class we focus on a broad range of skills through many different mediums.

We begin from a literary standpoint, piquing your child’s interest in books. They become authors and illustrators by actively being involved throughout the year. This will not only prepare them for Kindergarten, but will also get them excited for learning.

There will be lots of experiences in learning and fun. This will provide for a smooth, successful transition into kindergarten.

Our curriculum includes:
  • Circle time where we sing into the weeks and months with our daily calendar. While also engaging ourselves in themes and the letter of the week.
  • Math concepts are demonstrated by counting 100 Days of School, writing & identifying numbers, creating & finishing patterns, and color sorting.
  • Writing practice through repetition of our first and last names, and upper case & lower case letters.
  • Motor skills working on defining them through cutting, tearing, and sensory activities.
  • Art& crafts we will have a daily opportunity to create with a variety of materials, explore colors, and help your child develop mobility skills in a fun and exciting way.
  • Phonological awareness we encourage word play with letter sounds, rhyming familiar words, and counting syllables.
  • Letter bag homework the children are instructed to bring in an object beginning with the letter of the week. They then give clues to the other children so they may guess the object.
  • Team building activities and games are a constructive way to help children understand teamwork, cooperation, communication and, best of all, friendships.
  • Jesus time where children can learn the teachings of the Bible and grow in the faith of the Lord.

Welcome to the Fox Class!

We are a pre-kindergarten class focusing on providing a fun and hands-on approach to learning. We will work on all the skills your child will need for kindergarten. Varying skill sets, backgrounds, and personalities create a lively atmosphere where we can learn through developmentally appropriate and purposeful play and discussion.

Each morning begins with “Circle Time” where we develop early literacy skills through songs, calendar, letter of the week, weather, sight words, rhyming and more! Children attend a weekly lesson in the chapel and learn about the love of God through daily “Bible Time.”

The classroom is divided into centers to enhance hands-on learning. Children are encouraged to explore the ever-changing classroom environment, with opportunities for purposeful learning everywhere they turn. Centers are designed around an educational theme as we find new avenues to teach academic, social emotional, and motor skills.


Math: Count the animals as we put them in Noah’s ark. Create patters with beads or practice lacing shapes as we develop fine motor skills.  

Science: Make predictions and test theories as a snowman melts or we mix primary colors.  


Writing: Fine motor develops as we write our names, use stencils, and spy the letter of the week in our classmate’s names.  


Blocks: Build rocket ships to fly to the sun. Put out fires in apartment buildings with hoses and firetrucks.

Library: Read stories and write our own as we learn about authors and illustrators. Use books to learn more about our themes.

Music and Movement: Explore different genres of music with instruments and movement, making a joyful noise!

Art: Create shape monsters with paint, foam shapes, and pipe cleaners. Paint self-portraits or paint the earth with land and water as God did.  

Dramatic Play: Be doctors as we learn about the human body. Mix, measure, and scoop as we mold playdough cookies into a ginger bread house.

Bible: Learn about the creation of the world with Adam and Eve. Follow in boy Jesus’ footsteps as he travels to the temple with his parents.


What do you need to know about the Fox Class?

  • Communication is Key! We will use email to communicate with parents. Newsletters and updates will be sent via email to provide all pertinent information. Monthly calendars will fill you in on our learning objectives and help you see what we are doing in the classroom. This is also your best form of communication with the teachers. Have a question, concern, or something you want us to know? Email! We will check it every morning.
  • Foxy Friday – Because education should be fun! This year we will be trying something new in the Fox Class. Fridays will be a little extra special this year as we find applicable ways to incorporate what we are learning into our day. Each Friday the children will be asked to do something special. Don’t worry, we will keep it easy, it’s not a big deal if you forget, and I’ll have plenty of reminders up throughout the week! Some examples below:

o   A Week: A is for apple! Bring an apple to school. We will dissect it, count the seeds, eat it, vote on our favorite color apple, and then graph them!

o   P Week: P is for pajamas! Wear your pajamas to school!

  • Holidays are our thing: We love to celebrate! Christmas, Valentine’s Day, your child’s birthday, even Fridays (see above
    • You are welcome to send in a special treat (nut free) for the class on the day closest to your child’s birthday. Does your child have a summer birthday? Don’t worry, we will celebrate them too!
    • We are one Fox Family! Please bring a family photo to add to our classroom family tree on the first day of school. For the next year, we will work together to learn and grow and our families will play a huge role in that. Your child will have the chance to share their photo in class and tell us about their family. They will be displayed in the classroom all year long, so please send one that we can keep!


    If you have any questions about the school year or there’s something you’d like us to know about your child, please send us an email!

    We can’t wait to kick off the school year with you!


    Ms. Katie and Ms. Brenda


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